Return with us once again to that time when warp power was new, phasers had just been invented, and nobody had ever heard of an Andromedan.

This third installment in the history of the Early Years includes battleships for most empires, command cruisers, commando ships to launch the first invasions of alien planets, the dreadnoughts of the ISC member planets, new Tholian destroyers and frigates, Paravian raiders, Carnivon warships that nearly destroyed the feline empires, as well as local defense and support ships for all empires.

Module Y3 comprises a 100-page SSD book, including:

  • Early battleships for the Federation, Kzintis, and Gorns.
  • Warp-refitted command cruisers for the rest of the Federation member states before the unified star fleet was formed.
  • Warp-driven dreadnoughts for the five member species of the Inter-Stellar Concordium before they coalesced into one nation.

The 64-page rulebook includes five scenarios as well as the ship descriptions and annexes.


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