NIGHTFIGHTER is a game of air warfare in the night skies of World War II.

The game requires two participants - a player and an umpire - and details the development of night fighting tactics over Britain, the Reich and the Pacific. Using a brand-new 'blind' play system, an umpire controls the attacking forces and moderates the defending player, who must find, fix and destroy the incoming bombers.

Nightfighter will recreate the tactics of night fighting, from the 'cat's eye' fighting of the London night blitz to the Mosquito intruder operations at the end of the war. Scenarios include Freya AN interception in the Dunaja dark fighting zones, Himmelbett zones, the introduction of AI radar, Wilde Sau and Zahme Sau tactics. The evolution of electronic systems and countermeasures is modelled, including the use of 'Airborne Cigar' and 'Window' jamming, and 'Serrate' radar homing.

There is a huge variety of aircraft in the game, from early Do217s and Ju88 fighters, to advanced fighters such as the He219. Rarities such as the Ta154, Me262B-1a and the Japanese J1N1 Gekko will be included. Schräge Music ('Jazz Music') oblique gun systems are modelled. The Allies get 'cat's eye' Hurricanes, Blenheims with AI Mk IV radar, Beaufighters with Serrate and various marks of Mosquito, including the NF.30 with the advanced AI Mk X radar. Pacific operations will see P-61A 'Black Widow' fighters engaging Japanese bomber threats over Saipan and F4U-2s engaging torpedo strikes against the fast carriers.



  • Rule book, 20 pages
  • Scenario book, 16 pages
  • One counter sheet 1/2" counters
  • One counter sheet 5/8" counters
  • One 11 x 17" umpire's map
  • One 22 x 17" player's map
  • One 11 x 34" playaid sheet/umpire's screen
  • Four 6-sided dice


Complexity: Medium (5/9)
Solitaire Suitability:  Not suitable


SKU 16255
Barcode # gmt1109

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