No More Room In Hell: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse is a stand alone miniatures game system usable with 15mm-28mm figures that allows you to create a group of characters amidst the end of the living world… and the start of the living-dead world. Who will survive? Who will feed the zeds? Its up to you to select the skills, the traits, and the gear that you think your survivors will need to face the rising Zombie tide.

Featuring a campaign system, stand alone games, random scenario, and quick-play random character generation, anything goes. You’ll need to fight the dead and the living, as you struggle to gather enough food, ammunition, and fuel for your band.

Chainsaws and backpacks, shotguns and radios, choose the tools you think you’ll need, but choose quickly. The dead are coming, and it won’t be long before their filthy teeth start gnawing on your leg.

Runners and gunslingers, scroungers and medics, pick the people you think will help you survive, but choose wisely. Faulty guns are dangerous, but faulty friends are downright deadly.

Do you have what it takes to Survive the Night?

Can you Survive the Bite?


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