The three adventures in The Devil’s Spine are linked, but easily played alone. They take PCs all over the Ninth World (and beyond…but that would be telling), and get them involved in all kinds of strange, cool, and hopefully mind-bending experiences. While the corebook adventures set the stage for what a Numenera scenario might involve, The Devil’s Spine will stretch the boundaries in different ways.

Because I know that beginning GMs have the adventures in the corebook, particularly the first, highly detailed, introductory one, I know I don’t have to hold their hands too much, so to speak, with The Devil’s Spine adventures. I know that the GMs running these adventures will likely have some experience under their belts. Thus, these adventures will be provided with a sort of “mid-range” setting on our “microscope.” They will, however, also include seeds and other ideas for GMs who want to expand and create their own material. The idea is to make them useful to all different kinds of GMs.


Barcode # 9781939979025

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