Carthage – founded around 800 B.C. by the Phoenicians as a base for trade, the town developed quickly into a center of commerce where goods from across the antique world were traded.

Players in the game take on the roles of senators who, with the help of their servants, attempt to increase their wealth and improve their position in the palace.

During 5 decades, each a game round, players use their servants to earn income or position them to obtain goods and load the goods onto incoming merchant ships - or even take the risk of chartering a private vessel - all with the goal of growing influence in the palace. Influence in the harbor can also determine where the best ships will dock, and the path of intrigue can provide yet another way into the palace courts.

Only the player who develops the best business - through any means necessary - will end the game as the most influential senator.



  • Game Board
  • 30 Ship Cards
  • 6 Action Cards
  • 5 Storehouse Cards
  • 5 Overview Cards
  • Starting Player/Action Round Card
  • 2 Cloth Bags
  • Money in different denominations (Talents, the currency of Carthage)
  • 5 Trading Point Markers
  • 30 Goods (flat wooden discs, 6 each in 5 colours)
  • Decade Marker and Action Round Marker (white wooden discs)
  • 90 Servants (Figures, 18 each in 5 colours)
  • Rulebook


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