In Power $truggle, players are angling, sneaking and backstabbing to climb the corporate ladder.

Players compete for six possible victory points that represent various divisions of a large corporation. You may get a victory point for having 7 or more points on the influence track, or 8 or more points on the corruption track, or even beating your archenemy.

In Power $truggle as in all large businesses, you have an archenemy...a person who represents the opposite of all you hold dear. Someone you are happy to have stare up at your boot heel as you walk right over him (or her). At the beginning of the game, that person doesn't know you're his archenemy, but something tells me it will become apparent soon enough. This time it's not the generals who have all the fun...



  • 1 game board
  • 5 Quick Guides
  • 26 Event Cards
  • 7 Privilege Cards
  • 11 Archenemy Cards
  • 100 Notes of Toy Money
  • 21 Blocks of Shares
  • 110 Managers
  • 60 Employees
  • 5 Bribe Folder
  • 1 Motivation Marker



SKU 11214
Barcode # 4260070350443

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