It's July 1, 1916 on the Somme. Your artillery has smothered enemy positions for a week. The boys are lined up and ready to go. Your first objective, the forward German trench, is barely 300 yards away. The whistle sounds; it's time to go over the top. But it won't end there.


Fom a clash with Belgian cavalry, through storming shell drenched trenches at Verdum and finally on to the Kaiser's Offensive you command the companies and sqaudrons in this game of tactical combat in WWI. Illustrating WWI's unexpected truth, fire trumps maneuver, it provides an integrated system to deal with the impact of fire on command and control.

Concentrating troops facilitates command but dispersing them lowers casualties; players have to balance these choices. Similiarly, the game's artillery mechanics separate fire control from infantry action to recreate the uncertainty of WWI fire support.

Red Poppies simulates regimental-sized engagements from WWI with company-level units in 10 minute turns on maps scaled at 200 yards per hex. The game strives to illustrate the sort of command and control trade-offs that typified WWI battles.



  • 3 double sided 11 x 17" Heavy Cardstock Gameboards
  • 2 Counter sheets of large 7/8" counters
  • 8 Scenarios
  • Dice
  • Rulebook
  • Player Aid Charts


Complexity: 4/10


SKU 14307
Barcode # 934

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