Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 & ZT-3 (FR140)

The first five motorised GRDI each have an anti-tank platoon equipped with Renault AMR‑35 ZT-2 and AMR-35 ZT-3 armoured cars. Only ten of each of these odd little two-man vehicles were built. They mount the same 25mm SA-35 gun as the Panhard AMD-35.

The ZT-2 mounts its gun in an extremely cramped turret on a standard AMR-35 hull, while the ZT-3 has its gun mounted as a self-propelled gun in a raised casemate.

The two vehicles operate in pairs. The low, turretless ZT-3 uses its small silhouette to work its way into a good ambush position. Meanwhile the larger, turreted ZT-2 stays further back in cover to protect its flanks.

With easily the best gun in the GRDI (Groupes de Reconnaissance de Division d’Infanterie) reconnaissance battalion, the AMR ZT-2 and ZT-3 give the reconnaissance a serious anti-tank capability.


The Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 in Flames Of War


Equipment and Notes
Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 Half-tracked
Co-ax MG, Unreliable.
25mm SA-34 gun
One-man turret, No HE.
  • The Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 and Renault AMR-35 ZT-3 have No HE. The lack of a High Explosive (HE) round means that hits cannot be allocated to any Infantry or Gun teams.
  • Both the Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 and Renault AMR-35 ZT-3 are rated as Unreliable. This must be taken into account if you plan on moving them At The Double or moving through terrain rated as Difficult Going
  • The Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 has a One-man Turret; therefore it cannot fire the gun mounted in the turret while moving and may not fire the turret gun and the turret MG in the same turn
  • Some tank designs have an awkward internal design, making it difficult for the crew inside to fire on the move. The Renault AMR-35 ZT-3 in such a design and is rated as having an Awkward Layout; therefore it cannot fire the main weapon if it moved in the Movement step
  • The 25mm SA-34 gun in the Renault AMR-35 ZT-3 is Hull-mounted. Therefore its field of fire includes everything in front of a line across the front of the Renault AMR-35 ZT-3 hull



  • One Renault AMR-35 ZT-2
  • One Renault AMR-35 ZT-3.


Design by Evan Allen
Painted by Bob Pearce



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Barcode # 9420020217102

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