Saganami Island Tactical Simulator, 2nd Edition Deluxe


Saganami Island Tactical Simulator (SITS) puts you in command of the ships of the Honorverse. Using a streamlined version of the critically acclaimed Attack Vector: Tactical game engine produces a fast and furious space combat game. Thrill to the long range missile duel, dancing in 3-D vector space with broadsides of laserheads. Or, close in to "kissing distance" and unleash the titanic fury of grasers and lasers! An innovative card draw mechanic incorporates "The Honor Factor" without turning the game engine into a series of speciall cases modifying special cases.

Extensively researched, SITS has new material on the ships and doctrines of the Royal Manticoran Navy and the People's Republic Navy. Building rich tactical depth from easy-to-use Newtonian movement, SITS builds on the novels to give you control of small squadron actions in the Honorverse.

SITS uses two game scales: the tactical game features 7.5 minute turns and 125,000 km hexes, while the system scale uses 25 light second hexes and 1 hour turns. Simple rules allow play to transition smoothly between scales, allowing players to conduct operations starting with dropping out of hyperspace and ending in furiously swirling close actions.

Every warship in the series will be statted out over the course of this product, including additional ships approved by David Weber himself.

  • SITS offers tactical control without massive record keeping - watch salvoes of hundreds of missiles melt away with a handful of die rolls.
  • The simultaneous Sequence of Play means that everyone at the table is doing something,rather than waiting for the other guy to finish his turn.
  • An accurate, intuitive 3-D movement system allows combat to break the plane of the map, producing unprecedented tactical depth.



  • Baen Books Honorverse CD-ROM with the entire series
  • One full-color 80-page rulebook
  • One 48-page scenario and background book
  • One 32-page ship book
  • 40 full color HoloCube miniatures
  • 8 laminated ship control cards
  • 16 injection molded plastic tilt blocks
  • 100 injection molded stacking tiles
  • Two 2' by 3' geomorphic hex maps


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Barcode # 9780974879741

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