There is an ancient and mysterious tale that tells of a legendary competition called Siebzehn. It is said that the contest was celebrated in an enchanted land somewhere beyond the familiar. Nine of the earth's most prominent creatures of myth would assemble for the event. The races would compete against one another for dominance in what came to be known as The Race of All Races.

Control the fate of your team with this game of complex strategy yet simple rules. Choose the best course of action while neutralizing your opponents on your way to victory. Siebzehn: The Race of All Races is a game that balances strategy, teamwork and the luck of the dice. But beware of the siebzehn, the roll that can foil your plans and enhance your opponents' power.

The Races

  • Phantoms: Phantoms are the disembodied spirits of the dead. Their appearance ranges from invisible to scarcely visible wispy shapes to natural form. Some cultures practice rituals which can summon a phantom. Many phantoms will haunt a specific structure or area.
  • Werewolves: The most common of the lycanthropes, a werewolf is a union of wolf and man. Werewolves are known to be strong, agile and cunning. The light of a full moon can enliven their terror. It is also said that the full moon can inspire their metamorphosis in a human being.
  • Elves: Elves are magical humanoids that typically dwell in the forest. They are blessed with unusually long life spans, and are young and fair in appearance. The elf culture is rich in nature, art and song. Many are also skilled archers. Pointed ears are a unique trait of the elves.
  • Leprechauns: These small and mischievious gentlemen are almost always seen wearing outfits of green. They are cobblers by trade. They are also fond of hoarding gold. Some believe that if a leprechaun is captured by a human, he will grant his captor 3 wishes in exchange for his release.
  • Zombies: Walking corpses, these fearsome creatures are the undead. They wander in a state of hypnosis, void of consciousness and self-awareness. There are accounts of roaming zombies that seek human flesh, and in some instances they specifically crave human brains.
  • Griffins: The lion is celebrated as the king of beasts and the eagle is often known to be the leader of birds. A creature that bears traits of both animals is thought to be an exceptionally majestic being. Griffins are a blend of lion and eagle. The eagle is exemplified in the head and wings. The creature's torso, hind legs and tail are that of a lion.
  • Mermaids: Mermaids are gorgeous and graceful maidens of the sea. Their morphology is a human female whose lower half is that of a fish. They are gifted singers, and some tales state that humans can be mesmerized or even hypnotised by their song. There are some legends that tell of friendly mermaids, whereas other stories illustrate them charming then drowning human victims.
  • Dragons: Voyagers of the sky, these beings have the form of enormous flying reptiles. They are highly intelligent. They are usually known to guard treasure. Some dragons are benevolent, and yet others are diabolic. Most dragons also employ a breath weapon, such as the ability to breathe fire, lightning, acid or poisonous gas.
  • Giants: These rugged and powerful monsters tower above the average human. Some giants stand 10 feet tall, and other types can reach as high as 25 feet. There are some legends which depict giants as amiable toward humans, yet in other tales humans are prey.


How To Play

Siebzehn (the number 17 in the German language) is the ultimate competition, The Race of All Races. Nine different races of mythical creatures compete for supremacy. Each mythical race is represented by a team consisting of six numbered pieces. Two to nine players control the teams, which maneuver around the board in a counterclockwise fashion. The rules of Siebzehn are simple, but the continuous discovery of new strategies amidst the constantly evolving environment is complex, captivating and magical.

Each team proceeds such that a higher number piece can never pass a lower number piece, and the number 1 piece advances only if no other team pieces can move. Pieces move forward and diagonally in the straightaways and forward only in the turns. The object of the game is to eliminate other races and control the one race that eventually conquers all. Players eliminate opponents from the board by one of three methods:

  • Circumnavigate the board and pass the highest number piece of one or more opponents with the 1 piece of one of your teams. This is known as a cataclysm and some teams will be eliminated or altered.
  • Pass an opponent's 1 piece with the highest numbered piece of one of your teams. In other words, one team passes an opponent's entire team. The team that is passed is eliminated.
  • Control the most advanced 1 piece in games that reach the end of the 17th cycle, known as the siebzehn cycle.

The concept of a race around a large track is central to the essence of Siebzehn. However, Siebzehn is not a model of any known race. There are several racing games that involve familiar competitors such as horses, chariots or cars. Then there is Siebzehn. Siebzehn is an imaginary mystical race in which the competitors are famed creatures of myth and legend. As the teams travel around the board, they must persevere through careful movement and placement, calculated blocking of their own and opponent pieces, opponent blocking effects and injuries, dice probability considerations and consequences, and new unexpected ways of seeing the board.



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