Souls are the most valuable commodity in the universe and by ancient laws the one who possesses the most souls is declared ruler of all.”

In Soul Hunters players compete in gathering lost souls in order to forward their claim for mastery of everything. For this they use powerful and mysterious characters and apply devious tactics, gaining influence and using it to take over the free souls roaming the world.

The myriad of soul hunters the players can employ come from a variety of different alignments. The hosts of Heaven are at the forefront of the contest, constantly being challenged by the red horde of Hell. The Monarchy supports the cause of good by upholding the laws and traditions of old. They are opposed by the insidious Cult, advancing their cause of disorder and tyranny with a glee born of spite and madness. The Government believes that good can be achived by trusting in democracy and order, but their effors are often undermined by the subtle and secret interventions of the evil Aliens.

Behind this complex struggle of varied interests are the players, all aiming for their personal glory and goal as the supreme ruler of the universe. In addition to the soul hunters of different alignments the players can use many different tactics to intervene with each others game and advance their own. These tactics vary from media campaigns and propaganda to using the power of the souls themselves against those who aspire to hunt them. And in the end, by hook or by crook, the player who conquered the most souls is declared the winner and the ruler of the universe!



  • 84 soul hunter cards
  • 28 event cards
  • 20 soul cards
  • 8 influence cards
  • 4 markers


SKU 14991
Barcode # 6430032930046

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