BT-7A Self-propelled Gun Platoon (SBX25)


The BT-7 fast tank was an improvement of the BT-5 design. It fitted a redesigned slopped turret, a welded hull and a more powerful engine. The overall effect was increased armour, while the tank remained as manoeuvrability as the earlier model. It also retained the excellent 45mm obr 1938 gun, giving it plenty of anti-tank punch.

To supplement the production of the standard BT-7 series, two further vehicles were developed for use in a support role based on the BT-7 chassis. The first was the OP-7; a flame-throw equipped version of the BT-7. The other was the BT-7A which mounted a 76.2mm regimental howitzer in an enlarged turret. This was the only artillery support vehicle based on the BT series manufactured in any quantity.

Soviet Red Army tank units often had a battery of these self-propelled guns attached for added firepower against enemy infantry and guns. The 76mm gun of the BT-7A artillery tank provided the ideal firepower for this work. This modification of the BT-7 fast tank mounted a short 76mm howitzer that fired a powerful high-explosive round. While the other BT fast tanks would deal with the enemy tanks, the BT-7A artillery tank would knock out anti-tank guns and defending infantry.


The BT-7A in Flames Of War
Name Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes
Weapon Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower  
BT-7A Standard Tank 1 1 1 Turret-front MG, Turret-rear MG, Fast tank, Limited vision, Unreliable.
75mm obr 1927/32 gun 16"/40cm 2 5 3+ Volley Fire.
Firing bombardments 64"/160cm - 3 6  



  • three BT-7A Self-propelled Guns
  • three Tank Commanders
  • one Optional AA MG sprue


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