T-28 obr 1933 / 1938 Heavy Tankovy Platoon (SBX24)


The demand for a medium tank design in the Soviet Union had led to the development of the TG-1 in 1929. However, its power plant proved highly unreliable leading the abandonment of the project in 1931. But the need for an infantry support tank that was still capable of dealing with enemy tanks remained.

Under the supervision of S.A. Ginsburg, the team at the testing department for the mechanical design at the Leningrad Machine Factory promptly bought together the required elements in a new multi-turreted tank design. By 1932, test models were ready for field trials; designated as the T-28 it was amongst some of the world’s first medium tank designs.

When the T-28 tank went into service in 1933 it was a cutting edge design for its time and remained a formidable sight on the battlefield during the battles of 1939. Once it was armed with the long 76mm L-10 gun on the introduction of the 1938 model, it could easily knock out most enemy tanks.


The T-28 obr 1933 in Flames Of War
Name Mobility Front Side Top Equipment and Notes
Weapon Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower  
T-28 obr 1933 Standard Tank 3 2 2 Two Deck-turret MG, Turret-front MG, Turret-rear MG, Limited vision, Unreliable, Wide-tracks.
76mm obr 1927/32 gun 16"/40cm 2 5 3+  


Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Chris Townley & Casey Davies



  • three T-28 Heavy Tanks with obr 1933 & obr 1938 gun options
  • three Tank Commanders
  • one Optional AA MG sprue



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Barcode # 159

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