MARINES! The very name sends fear through the hearts of alien enemies. Marines kick ass and take names!

This is the first entirely new game system from ADB, Inc., in years. It brings infantry combat in the Star Fleet Universe to life in a way that allows ground battles to be fought simultaneously with the space battles portrayed by Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, Starmada, or A Call to Arms SF.

Over 500 unit counters portray squads of five Marines, snipers, engineers, commandos, and heavy weapons; or individual tanks and vehicles; or special game markers.

The very simple “shoot then move” system reflects the savage horror of war at bayonet point. Fast interaction is created by rules for opportunity fire and defensive snapshots, so both players are constantly acting, reacting, planning, and making hard decisions. Do you fire at those Klingon troops attacking your right flank — or hold the fire of your weapons for the main attack that has yet to appear (and might never)?

The full-color highly artistic map portrays the terrain on a typical planet far, far away, but rules allow you to designate the colored areas as crops, forest, swamps, marshes, or any of a dozen other types of alien landscape. The map even includes an active volcano and a river of lava!

Assault is the first module in the new series; Last Stand (the second module) is slated for next year.


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