Tank Destroyer Security Section(US303)


The Security Section keeps track of the enemy while the tank destroyers work their way into position.


M20 Utility Car (x2)

In 1943 the Tank Destroyer Command requested a vehicle that could be a command car, personnel and cargo carrier and mounted an AA multiple MG mount. The result was the M20 Armored Utility Car.

The M20 Armored Utility Car, also known as the M20 Scout Car, was a M8 Greyhound with the turret removed. This was replaced with a low, armoured open-topped superstructure and an anti-aircraft ring mount for a .50 cal M2 heavy machinegun. The M20 was primarily used as a command vehicle and for forward reconnaissance for tank destroyer units.

Originally designated the M10 Armored Utility Car, it was redesignated M20 to avoid confusion with the M10 Wolverine tank destroyer. 3,680 M20s were built by Ford during its two years in production (1943-1944).

It offered high speed and excellent mobility, along with a degree of protection against small arms fire and shrapnel. When employed in the command and control role, the M20 was fitted with additional radio equipment. Though not an amphibious vehicle, it could ford up to a depth of 48".


Jeep (x1)

The Jeep name has now become associated with the Chrysler motor company, but the word "Jeep" has its origins in the vocabulary of the US Army. The first use of the word "Jeep" applied to a motor vehicle occurred during WWI. "Jeep" is an old Army mechanic term that was used in referring to any new motor vehicle received for a test. Jeep was still used in Army motor pools well into the 1930’s as general purpose or "GP" for short. Though in a 1941 Army manual it refers "GP" as Government 80inch wheel base car (Jeep).

In 1936, the term “Jeep” was introduced to the world by the Popeye comic strip character, "Eugene the Jeep". The only words Eugene could say were "Jeep, Jeep", and "GP" then became "Jeep".

Though the design and development of the first prototype jeep was primarily the work of Bantam Car Co., both Willys and Ford later supplied prototypes to the Army also.

The Army tested all three designs. As the test went on the three companies gradually borrowed ideas from one another until they were all very similar. The Contract was awarded to Willys, and when the war broke out for America in 1941 Ford was brought on board to manufacture the Willy’s design under licence.

Willys and Ford went on to produce approximately 650,000 standardized jeeps between November 1941 and August 1945. Ford stopped producing jeeps with the end of WWII, but Willys adopted the jeep name and developed many successful civilian versions of the trusty wartime jeep.


In Flames Of War

The Tank Destroyer Security Section is found in the US Tank Destroyer Platoon. The vehicles deploy on the table whilst the Tank Destroyer Section waits for their opportunity to deploy on the table and ambush the enemy. Once the trap has been sprung the Security Section is removed from the table, their primary job completed.



  • Two M20 Armored Utility Cars
  • One Jeep


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