The Battle of Red Cliffs is a mahjong variant card game.


Like Mahjong, each game takes several rounds of play. The difference that makes The Battle of Red Cliffs unique is that during each round, players collect sets of card and keep one card from each set to create a master set for end of round scoring.

When one player obtains five or six score cards, the round continues until the active player finishes his/her turn. Each player then gains victory points based on the scoring combinations in their master set. Any cards remaining in-hand do not count. Players scores are then recorded on the tiered score board and an adjustments are made for not reaching the next level. Play then continues the same way for the next round.

The game ends when one player or a team reaches a pre-determined Rank on the score board and then the player/team with the highest score wins.



  • 117 cards
  • 9 Player Aid cards
  • 1 Score Board
  • 7 Player Score Tokens



SKU 23961
Barcode # 091037638502

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