The Legendary War - Mahabharat Edition is a role playing, deck building game which can be played as duel (1v1) or as team game of (2v2 or 3v3 players). Ancient history is combined with deck building mechanism.The game is based on an ancient war which happened thousand of years ago and resulted in over one and a half billion casualties. The war only lasted for 18 days.

There are 14 characters divided into 2 teams (blue and red team—each has 7 characters) in this game each having special ability, belonging to a particular faction (Archer, Swordsmen, Spearmen, Macewielder). All of them have health points and defense value.

There are money cards (silver) and infantry cards to start the game, which are shuffled to form a drawing deck. There are money cards (Gold), weapon cards (spear, mace, swords, bow & arrow), Potion cards which form trade row. Each weapon card has cost, value, and extra ability on them.

In this game the players draw initiative cards according to the number of players playing. The player who draws the first initiative card chooses either the blue or red team and draws a random character. Each player gets initial money cards and attack cards and shuffle them to form their drawing deck. Out of which they draw 5 cards as starting hand and buy cards from trade row. The players have to raise their army by buying weapon cards from trade row. These cards help them to draw more cards, trash cards, add more money, add more attack points etc.

The players attack each other and resolve combat by either direct hits or by rolling dice if attack is equal to defense. The game ends when opponent/opponent team is eliminated.


Barcode # TLWME001

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