WayWord is a word-building game unlike any you've seen. The board starts out as a 7-tile board with all players' pawns on the center tile. Each player draws a new letter tile each turn, plays it next to the existing tiles, and then moves their pawn to spell a word.

The layout is deceiving in many ways, since you can use the same letter multiple times in a word by coming back to it, or "standing on it" with your pawn. Making "telltale" with only 4 different tiles is easy.

The color coding of the tiles lets you know how many points letter is worth; either 1, 2, or 3 points. The total value of a word can be modified by special tiles during the game, adding plusses and multipliers to the value of a word, though each of these may only be used once per turn.

And, of course, you can block players. Other players can't move through the tile that your pawn occupies.

This is for 2 to 4 players, and takes about an hour to play. The game is played with a subset of 24 of the 71 tiles in the game, so in a 4 player game, each player must score his 6 words carefully. You may, of course, add more tiles to the pile by multiples of the number of players.

This is a great little game for word-game lovers.



  • 71 tiles
  • Rules
  • 4 pawns
  • 1 die
  • Box


SKU 16931
Barcode # 9780615374796

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