The turning point for the American Revolution was the Battle of Saratoga in the woods around Freeman's Farm. The American colonial army would stop the advance of the British army in the intense battle, forcing its eventual surrender and changing the fortunes of the American cause. Facing the British army again 37 years later in Canada near Niagra Falls, the turning point for the American regular army was standing toe to tow against Europe's finest in the most fierce battle of the War of 1812.

Turning Point is the second game in our Battle Maneuver series which highlights conflicts where maneuver is critical to success. Flanking attacks create better odds and directing the movements and counter-movements of your armies determines battle results.

The game is one of position, feint, and sudden attack that uses cards for movement, battle and actions. The challenge is that each card can only be used for one purpose and cards are limited. At times, your opponents can play cards that counter your maneuver. Cards used for battle are played simultaneously between the players.

The cards also include actions to represent leaders such as Benedict Arnold, Daniel Morgan, John Burgoyne, Gordon Drummond and Winfield Scott as well as other relevant battle actions.


  • 90 Large Counters
  • 80 Cards
  • 2 Heavy Cardstock Gameboards
  • Colour Rulebook

Complexity: Low (3/10)


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Barcode # WOG044

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