SMG Platoon (US801)
with three Squads, Command Rifle team & Bazooka team.

The 2nd Infantry Division received a number of Thompson submachine-guns as an experiment to test their worth in city fighting. The submachine-guns were given out to companies which were free to use them as they saw fit.

Some companies equipped all of their rifle platoons with Thompsons, while others were a bit more conservative and issued them in conjunction with the more powerful rifles.

The Indianheads also received a limited supply of experimental fully automatic M1 carbines. The feedback was mixed as some reports indicated they were inaccurate and didn’t have enough firepower.

Clever field modifications included extending the magazine from 15 rounds to 30 and installing a compensator to help curb the gun’s tendency to pull up when firing, improving its accuracy.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown


SKU 15323
Barcode # 9420020216471

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