Local Force Company (VPABX10)


Known as the Việt cộng (a contraction of Việt nam Cộng sản, Nationalist Communist, or alternatively Việt gian Cộng sản Communist Traitor to Vietnam) in the south, the Địa Phương Quân (local forces) are a mix of southerners returned from the north since the partition, and local recruits disaffected by the Saigon regime.

One of the big advantages the local forces have is the ability to blend in with the population. This makes it difficult for Imperialist and puppet forces to detect ambushes and attacks before the local forces are in position.

The Communist cause has the advantage of the support of the local resistance, be they simply locals who contribute food and medicines, or active fighters who scout out imperialist and puppet positions and plant bombs.



  • one HQ Section with optional Type 58 LMG team & Type 31 60mm mortar
  • three Infantry Platoons each containing five Rifle teams
  • six Local Resistance teams
  • one Small three-hole base
  • twenty three Medium four-holes bases


Design by Gary Moreley
Painted by Bob Pearce


SKU 23474
Barcode # 9420020223080

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