Mortar Platoon (Airmobile) (VUS705)


The battalion mortar platoon fields the new M29 81mm mortar. This is an improved version of the old WWII-era M1 81mm mortar with longer range. Perhaps as important to the crew, it was also 15 lb (7 kg) lighter than the older model.

The platoon landed as part of D Company at Ia Drang and provided essential quick-reaction fire support throughout the battle. Their timely fire helped break up Vietnamese attacks on the rifle companies defending the perimeter.

The M29 81mm Mortar in Flames Of War Vietnam
Team Mobility Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower Notes
M29 81mm mortar Man-packed 24"/60cm 2 2 3+ Minimum range 8"/20cm, Smoke.
Firing Bombardment   48"/120cm - 2 6 Smoke bombardment.



  • one Command M16 Rifle team
  • two Mortar sections each with two M29 81mm mortars with crew
  • one Small three-hole base
  • four Medium four-hole bases

Designed by Anton Ducrot
Painted by James Brown & Jeremy Painter


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Barcode # 2633

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