OH-6 Loach (VUSBX04)


The OH-6 Cayuse was quickly nicknamed the ‘Loach’ after its initial designation LOH (Light Observation helicopter). Its high speed, manoeuvrability, and small size made it an excellent scout helicopter, even though much of its work was done at low speed while flying at or below treetop level.

Armed with a M134 minigun and a M60 machine-gun, the OH-6 Loach could still deliver a nasty sting of its own.


The OH-6 Loach in Flames Of War Vietnam
Team Mobility Front Side Top Notes
Weapon Range ROF Anti-tank Firepower  
OH-6 Loach Scout - - -  
Door MG 16"/40cm 3 2 6 Side mounted.
M143 minigun MG 16"/40cm 6 2 6 Hull mounted.



  • two plastic OH-6 Loach sprues
  • two Door Gunner figures
  • two plastic Flight Stands
  • one OH-6 Decal sheet
  • eight Rare earth magnets


Designed by Will Jayne
Painted by James Brown


SKU 23476
Barcode # 2923

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