Expands War for Edadh with new Angueth Troop Cards, Combat Masters, Battle Master and Standards together with new Stratagem and Terrain Cards, together with the new Conflict Cards and a set of Angueth influenced Mastery Cards.

Now you can play with Secondary Terrain Cards and Conflict Cards as well as explore the multi-player games.

DECK CONTENTS (55 cards):
6x Riders Troop Cards
6x Marsh Riders Troop Cards
6x Great Riders Troop Cards
1x ML5 Combat Master
1x ML6 Combat Master
1x ML7 Combat Master
1x ML4 Battle Master
1x ML6 Battle Master
2x Level 1 Standard Cards
1x Level 2 Standard Cards
1x Set of Ang Mastery Cards
3x Mire Terrain Cards
3x Gully Secondary Terrain Cards
2x Speed Dominance Combat Tactics Stratagem Cards
2x Wedge Combat Tactics Stratagem Cards
1x Move Terrain Combat Tactics Stratagem Card
2x Hidden Flanking Battle Tactics Stratagem Cards
1x Fracture Unit Conflict Card
1x Pin Down Conflict Card
1x Push Back Conflict Card
1x Attack Master Conflict Card
1x Target Troop Conflict Card
1x Capture standard Conflict Card
1x Break the Line Conflict Card
1x All Out Attack Conflict Card
1x All Out Defence Conflict Card


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Barcode # 715

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