WHITE BEACH ONE: Peleliu 1944 is just for you if you are ready to smash your way ashore at the infamous island, as one of the soldiers of the 1st Marine Regiment under Marine nonpariel Chesty Puller. It's for you if you are ready for a colorful map, new die-cut counters depicting weapons like the T20 shoulder-fired mortar. If you want historical leader counters, a battlfield unlike any other in the annals of historical modules. Taut scenarios, easily digest special rules in two column format.

"Ten hut!" It's time to get in the boats... then back out of the boats and ashore. You'll be wading in all the way as the water is shallow and inside the reef at Peleliu's White Beach One. And once you go ashore we're planning one way for you to come back out, and that' with a captured enemy battle flag clutched in your fist, the job done and done well.

Now for the real deal. WHITE BEACH ONE: Peleliu 1944 is a new historical module that provides 8 scenarios, all playable on the new map and ranging from fast-play to monster. It includes a sheet of new color die-cut counters and special rules pages in two column format. If you've been following the HBO miniseries 'The Pacific" or perhaps read "With the Old Breed" a few times (we know you have) then you're already equipped with the intel that these here are Chesty Puller's Marines and you are ready for this experience NOW!

We'll be releasing both ASLComp and ATS editions of WHITE BEACH ONE: Peleliu 1944 together and right around the corner as production has begun. Both editions come with a pile of colorful new die-cut counters, a big colorful map, special rules and Battlefield Walkaround, new weapons and AFVs not seen in play yet such as the T20 shoulder-fired mortar and flame-throwing LVT4. You'll want to delve right into this detailed battlefield with all its nuances, so many folds in the terrain, blind spots to'll have hours of fun just getting your head wrapped around the terrain. And when you cardboard Marines hit the beach all hell will literally break loose so our advice is get some rest, eat well...cuz WHITE BEACH ONE: Peleliu 1944 will test your mettle like no Pacific Theater battlefield tactical-level recreation before.



  • 8 action-packed scenarios depicting actions on Peleliu
  • A 24" x 34" color mapsheet
  • A new Battlefield Walkaround booklet with all the details
  • A new sheet of color die cut counters includng new historical leaders and more
  • Color cover sheet
  • Descriptive back sheet
  • Ziploc style storage bag
  • All the interest in the War in the Pacific that you have been waiting for someone to show you


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