Build Your Own Sale at Milsims Games! 

We're going a bit stir crazy locked in here doing online and carpark pickup orders. So, we've decided to mix things up a bit and have some fun!

Till the end of the month, let us know about any in-stock product you'd like us to put on sale and we'll make it happen for you! You pick the product, we'll pick the discount! Get the stuff you've been thinking about cheap!

To request an item just email us at:

You can see more details here: Build Your Own Sale!

Milsims Games

Our address is:

Shop 1/369-371 Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert  VIC  3127

Milsims has Australia's largest selection of games at fantastic prices.

With Board Games, Card Games, Jigsaws, Miniatures, RPGs, Wargames and more; we carry everything suitable for both regular gamers and more casual family fun. A board game night is a great way to get family and friends together, so start on your own collection now!

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