Enter the world of Relics, a table top wargame set in the quite unique stitchpunk world created by Tor Gaming.

In Relics, players control forces comprising of several units as diverse as black powder musket wielding dolls to clockwork powered fighting machines to battle for the fate of the world and see their faction to victory. Forces of magic saturated elemental creatures battle against creatures of teeth and claw. Using a fast paced core mechanic, the game delivers furious action on the table top. Players must use their tactical genius to out manoeuvre their opponent before delivering the killer blow. Relics is a miniatures table top wargame in the 28mm scale range.



  • 4 races to choose from – The book contains the Britanan Empire, the Vaettir, the Orcnar and the Nuem. Each faction is completely original and has it’s own gaming style. So no problems if you like more than one as they will all deliver a different gaming experience.
  • 52 profiles - Across those 4 factions, you get a whopping 52 profiles!
  • 56,000 words of fluff – Yes, you did read that right, 56,000 words of fluff! That should be enough for even the most hungry of you fluff heads


SKU 19806
Barcode # 2118
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
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Shipping Height 0.300m
Shipping Length 0.200m
Format Softcover

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