This is a game presentation of the epic siege of Syracuse conducted by the Athenians during the Peloponnesian War. The great leaders are all present.

For the Athenians we have Nicias, the leading figure in Athens after the death of Pericles; Demosthenes, the acclaimed victor over the Spartans at Sphacteria; Lamachus, the professional general; and Eurymedon, the successful admiral and leader of the earlier expedition to Sicily.

On the other side are Hermocrates, the leading Syracusan military and political figure; Pythen, the skilled Corinthian admiral; and Gylippos, the Spartan general whose arrival completely reversed the course of the siege.

All the fierce fighting and dramatic swings of fortune are portrayed in game you can complete in 30-45 minutes.


Brand Worthington Games

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