Breathe deeply... Let the whisper of thought come to your ear... Harmonise your chakras and let go, so that the negative energies will disappear. Meditate on your strategy and let your feelings guide you towards victory!

Each player has a board, which shows the 7 Chakras he must fill with gems that represent the energy flowing into his body. To score points, a player must harmonise each of his Chakras in the best possible way. To do so, he must take the gems and place 3 of them, of the corresponding colour, in each of the Chakras.

During his turn, each player (who starts the game with several Inspiration tokens) chooses one of the three following actions:

Taking up to 3 gems from one column and placing them on top of his individual board, or, if he spends a token, placing them in a more strategic position.

Using, by spending one token, one action among the 8 available ones. Moving gems, up or down, by the number of chakra spaces indicated on the action, is the key to reach a perfect alignment.

Meditating, so as to get back the Inspiration tokens and secretly look at the point value, common to all players, that a harmonised chakra (3 same-coloured gems) will score.

When a player manages to align 5 of his Chakras, the last turn is played before you perform the final scoring.


Barcode # CHAKRA

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