Earth Is Under Attack!

The Martians descended upon Earth without warning. As Saucers filled the skies, blaster-wielding soldiers, giant insects, and unstoppable robots slaughtered the human defenders on the ground. It could have been the end of humanity - if not for the brave scientists of the Novas Vira! Defend the Earth, or play as the Martian invaders and conquer it in GURPS: Mars Attacks!

Are you among the conquerors here to grant Earth the honor of being added to the Martian Empire? Or are you fighting to save your planet either on your own or as part of the Novas Vira, Tiger Corps, or United Earth Alliance? Play as unprepared civilians stepping up to face Martian raiders, bold saucer pilots defending troops from waves of human jets, high-level officers making decisions that impact the entire war, or anyone else you can imagine! But, it`ll take more than a fighting spirit to win this war, and GURPS: Mars Attacks details all the weapons, defenses, vehicles, and strange inventions of both sides, as well as streamlined rules to make new ones.


SKU SJG01-2510
Barcode # 9781556348075

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