A veil of shadows has taken over the lands of Kemet. As the souls of the fighters float above the black lands of ancient Egypt, a gloomy wind provides a new inspiration for the gods of Kemet. Will you be able to master it?

Ta-Seti, the first expansion for Kemet, adds several new things to the base game:

  • A new pyramid color with corresponding power tiles
  • A new game phase (dawn)
  • The path of the souls
  • New DI cards

Players can choose which parts of the expansion to add, as each module works on its own in addition to meshing with the other modules.


• 4 two-sided boards representing the path to Ta-Seti
• 16 black Power tiles
• 5 black Pyramids
• 5 “Buy a black power action space” tiles
• 3 Creatures
• 6 Mercenaries
• 15 Priest figurines (3 per player)
• 3 golden and 1 silver Action tokens
• 12 new Divine Intervention cards
• 36 “Path to Ta-Seti” tokens
• 15 two-sided Dawn tokens
• 3 “Temporary powers from the path to Ta-Seti” tokens
• 10 new Battle Cards (2 per player)
• 6 Ta-Seti Victory Point tokens
• 4 double-sided “Double-Edged Dagger” Victory Point tokens
• 1 Index of Powers, Cards, Skills, Objects and Bonuses




Barcode # 3760146642065
Shipping Weight 0.9500kg
Shipping Width 0.340m
Shipping Height 0.240m
Shipping Length 0.050m

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