Medieval Warfare VII.1 - The Viking Invasion

Formidable warriors, skilled sailors, and legendary heroes, the Vikings left an indelible mark on medieval Europe (and beyond). This issue explores the Viking attacks in France and Iberia, including their sieges of Paris in the ninth century. Read also about what archaeological findings are revealing about the possibility of Viking warrior women. Plus, discover the medieval stories of undead armies, and how mining was used as a siege tactic in the Middle East.

Theme this IssueThe Viking Invasion

  • Peter Konieczny, 'For women, slaves or in self-defense - Why did the Vikings attack'.
  • Leszek Gardela, 'Between myth and reality - Amazons of the Viking world'.
  • William E. Welsh, 'Viking tactics in West Francia - Lay waste to everything'.
  • Ann Christys, 'A Viking raid on Seville in 844 - Ship after ship of the Majus'.
  • Danielle Turner, 'Brilliant warfare or pragmatic decision - The Viking Sieges of Paris'.
  • Danielle Trynoski, 'Curl up and sharpen your seaxe - Viking winter camps'.
  • Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown, 'From woundbiter to fiend of the shield - The Viking axe'.


  • Peter Konieczny, 'Reporting on Korea in 1123 - Bravery and valor flourish here'.
  • Scott G. Bruce, 'No color but black and flickering fire - Medieval armies of the dead'.
  • Michael S. Fulton, 'Mining as a medieval siege tactic - The Siege of Edessa'.
  • Murray Dahm, 'Hollywood's favourite viking - Ragnar Lodbrok'.




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