In Space Worm 1-6 players navigate the fruity void of space with their leviathan cosmic serpents, eating planets whole and collecting space fruit along the way.

Space Worm is a roll and write route building game by renowned designer Dr Reiner Knizia where players draft a collection of coloured dice, marking on the journey their worm takes across space on their grid, attempting to cross through the space fruit and various planets to gobble them up.

Space isn't as easy to move around when you're a giant space worm, though, as you won't be able to cross over yourself - meaning you've got to be careful how you move around your board!

Players win by getting the highest number of points after someone has triggered the end game, either through getting the full set of bonuses or getting too many penalties.

Collect bonuses and devise complex routes in a range of maps featuring wormholes, forcefields and more!

Space Worm combines a quirky retro theme with fast, accessible gameplay. With four different maps in the core game, Space Worm offers plenty of replayability and exciting thematic bonuses.

Each core game contains 200 map sheets, across 4 variant maps, in addition to the rules, pens and custom dice.



Barcode # 5060522880233

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