Dead Sun Adventure Path

Chapter Two: Temple of the Twelve
by Robert G. McCreary

Now members of the Starfinder Society and captains of their very own ship, the heroes head to the planet Castrovel, home of some of the best universities in the Pact Worlds, to research the clues they found on the mysterious asteroid.

On Castrovel, their findings point them toward an ancient Elven Temple-City called the Temple of the Twelve, lost deep in Castrovel`s teeming jungles. But, the heroes must contend with two other factions - the exiled Corpse Fleet of Eox and the Cult of the Devourer - who are also interested in the asteroid`s secrets and have their own agendas for the ancient alien superweapon - if they can find it first!

A Starfinder Roleplaying Game adventure for 3rd-level characters, Temple of the Twelve is the second part in the Dead Suns Starfinder Adventure Path.

Each bimonthly full-color softcover Starfinder Adventure Path volume contains a new installment of a series of interconnected science-fantasy quests that together create a fully developed plot of sweeping scale and epic challenges. Each 64-page volume of the Starfinder Adventure Path also contains in-depth articles that detail and expand the Starfinder campaign setting and provide new rules, a host of exciting new monsters and alien races, a new planet to explore and starship to pilot, and more!


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