Yuri's Wolves - Army Deal (TSUAB3)
Contains five plastic T-64 Tanks, two plastic BMP transports, one plastic tank commander sprue, one decal sheet, six unit cards, one mini Team Yankee rule book and one printed Assembly Guide booklet.

The war Yuri had been training his men for had arrived, and though he had little doubt of the savage fighting to come, he was supremely confident in his men and their equipment. He signalled the advance and his T-64 tanks rolled forward.

Kamilov's tank suddenly jolted sideways as a massive explosion tore a fellow T-64 apart, the turret tumbling away as the hull vomited a column of fire from the vacant turret ring. Kamilov threw the hatch open and scanned rapidly around and upwards. Soviet aircraft weren't the only ones flying in the unfriendly skies. A sudden movement in a gap between billboards revealed that enemy tanks were now in play - Leopard 2's were hunting. Kamilov's lips pulled back in a snarl as he sucked air in through his teeth. "Knife fight" he whispered. Then, loudly, "Advance!"



Shipping Weight 0.8500kg
Shipping Width 0.270m
Shipping Height 0.270m
Shipping Length 0.080m

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