The Witcher Role-Playing Game will allow tabletop RPG fans to re-create an array of characters known from the Witcher universe and live out entirely new adventures set within the world of Geralt of Rivia.

Powered by Fuzion, the same ruleset that made Cyberpunk 2020 gain worldwide player acclaim, The Witcher Role-Playing Game will feature a myriad of spells, rituals, and curses; favorite gear and items from the entire Witcher series including a bestiary of devilish monsters players can face during their adventures. The system will provide all the necessary tools to create and play out your own adventures and become everything from a battle-hardened monster slayer to a merchant kingpin controlling a vast network of contacts.


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Good enough that it has replaced all my other fant

By: on 15 October 2021

This is my go to fantasy system, its fairly simple to understand and the combat is quick and easy, if you have ever played cyberpunk the system is very similar. The line is supported by the publisher with youtube content that demonstrates how to run the system. Witcher has a gritty feel that is not epic it feels a bit like Elric or warhammer fantasy role play but has replaced both for me. It has detailed world and the material in this book is sufficient, but the materials produced for the electronic games are easily used to provide further support. What the system also offers is competent characters with a lifepath at creation providing rich detailed characters from the start. It is class based allowing that everyone will have something to contribute. Additionally what it offers that I don't see in many other systems is ablative gear especially armour and weapons, and a crafting system that allows for repairs and builds of mundane gear leading to treasure in the form of materials and diagrams that allow for this. The magic system is multifaceted and quite powerful but doesn't feel unbalanced and is accessible at different levels and for different character types its complex but easy to understand. I like it their is a quick start that can be down loaded for you to try out as well if you like it you should buy this book.


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