World at War: Counterattack recreates the American and West German counterattack into the southern flank of the Soviet thrust into West Germany. The battles occurred just after the events chronicled in Blood and Bridges, and prior to the final battles for Paris.

Nine scenarios comprise the module. Four are stand alone, another three make up one campaign, and four more build the second campaign.

Winning scenarios awards the player with refit points, these points can be used to repair damaged units, buy new units, or buy unique skills for your units and leaders The system rewards the gamer who conserves his forces. Win the scenario, but decimate your forces, and you’ll lose the war…. Or at least this small piece of it.

Here are three scenarios that are included:

  • Dial 411 for Information
    A small but powerful American task force most locate and rescue a group of valuable prisoners.
  • One Thing at a Time
    A troop of Sheridans with heavy artillery support ambushes a column of Russian armor. Everything is going great until more Russians arrive on the scene.
  • Little Red Riding Hood (Steckler #1)
    The prisoners rescued in Dial 411 tell an improbably tale of packs of wolves and renegade Soviet infantrymen. Steckler and Task Force Eagle are ordered to a remote location (new map) to discover the truth


Complexity: 7/10
Solitaire: 7/10
Unit Scale: Platoon



  • 8.5" x 11" Color Map
  • Nine Scenarios
  • Two Persistent Campaigns
  • Nine New Counters
  • All in a Zip-lock Bag


Counterattack is a scenario expansion pack and requires a copy of Blood and Bridges & Into the Breach to play.



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Barcode # 4214

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