Based on the amazing comic series by Rick Remender, Tony Moore, and Jerome Opena, the Fear Agen Roleplaying Game is a pulp scifi setting for Savage Worlds with dark secrets and cataclysmic twists!

Earth is devastated by an interstellar war between two alien races, the few surviving members of humanity are dragged kicking and screaming into a complex galaxy of terror and adventure they didn't even know existed.

Fortunately or maybe unfortunately, we told you there are some twists Texan Heath Huston bands together with others of his ilk to form the Fear Agents,a ragtag collection of survivors intent on revenge!

In their wake is a galaxy where humans are newcomers in a world of lasers, rocket packs, and warp drives. But there's always work for a crew willing to get their hands dirty. Take the role of a grizzled former guerrilla fighter, an eager explorer, or a warp scientist as your heroes rocket into a vast universe of untold adventures.

Fear Agent The Roleplaying Game contains rules for spaceships, warp drive, alien worlds, time travel, and more. Inside are descriptions of all the planets, races, and aliens found in the amazing comics, as well as many of the main characters. Theres also a complete Plot Point Campaign, a smugglers hold of Savage Tales, and an adventure generator. Within these covers is everything you need to stage your own exciting game in the universe of Fear Agent!

Requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play.


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