Holy Land: The Next Arab-Israeli War


The premise of Holy Land is that there is a revitalization of the militant Arab world. They then challenge the Israelis, using not only conventional military forces, but also the full spectrum of confl ict, including insurgency and terrorism. The game includes several possible scenario options for different types of confl ict. Holy Land game shows some of the major factors involved. The Holy Land game system is based upon Decision: Iraq; there are two players in Holy Land, various Arab powers and foreign fighters, the latter possibly including Al Qaeda and Iranian support, among others, and the Israelis, with possible coalition support.

Both players have a set of pieces that represent both conventional and unconventional forces. Players move their pieces across the spaces on the map and engage in various kinds of confl ict in order to destroy enemy forces, seize critical objectives, and change the Netwar Index, which is an index used to indicate how successful each side has been in meeting their goals. Furthermore, one unique feature of the Holy Land is that as units engage in combat, their effectiveness may increase or decrease as they gain experience in fighting, or become demoralized.

The game map shows Israel and adjoining countries, divided into large rectangular boxes known as regions,  representing the general geography of the area. Players deploy their units into region boxes.



  • Two 22 x 34 inch maps
  • 352 counters
  • Magazine with historical background


Barcode # 71486023340
Brand Decision Games

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