Marder Zug (TGBX02)
Includes five plastic Marder infantry fighting vehicles with optional Milan missiles, one resin tank commander sprue, decal sheet & Unit card.

The West Germans are one of the innovators of the infantry fighting vehicle concept. The Marder was the first such vehicle to see service in NATO from 1971. Named after the Marder ('marten' in English), a member of the weasel family, it is armed with a MG3 machine-gun and a 20mm Rh 202 auto-cannon to provide the panzergrenadiers with fire support, and can also mount the powerful Milan anti-tank missile system.

The modern Panzergrenadier Zug (Armoured Infantry Platoon) is a small, but well-trained, -motivated, and -equipped unit. They ride to battle in the Marder infantry fighting vehicle, each Marder carrying seven men.

Two of the Marders also had a Milan anti-tank missile launcher. This could be either mounted on the vehicle and fired from it, or dismounted and fired from the ground. The third Marder belonged to the Zug commander and carried him and his supporting team, including a medic and forward observer for the artillery.

Milan Mount

A Panzergrenadier Zug may remove Milan missile teams before the game, mounting a Milan missile on one of the Unit's Marders for each team removed. 




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